10 Things to Consider When Chosing a Vinyl Fence Company

1.Make sure they are using high quality material. Some materials are too light to endure cold, wind, hail and UV rays for our climate.

2. Make sure they are an established business that have been around for years and have a store front you can go to for warranty and service.

3. Be sure they will stand behind their workmanship even years after the fence was installed.

4. Cheapest isn’t always best. If a competitor is quite a bit lower, then usually the material is of a lesser quality, or the contractor that’s installing the fence is lacking the technical expertise. They may be trying to get the job done too quickly, thus not paying enough attention to detail. PVC fence is an expensive investment to your property and you want it looking great for decades to come!

5. Price per foot is not always the only thing you should consider when searching for a fence company. Some companies will advertise a lower price per foot, but have additional charges added to the contract that can add 10% or about $4 per foot. Spending a little more on a quality fence & installation now, can save you thousands later.

6. Does the contractor have a business license or store front to do business in the city?

7. Are they insured to protect personal property in the event of an accident?

8. Do they have a GST and PST number?

9. Will they call all companies for underground service locates including but not limited to Sask First Call, local cable companies and private lines that may need to be called in by a private firm?

10. Will contractors or homeowners with DIY projects be able to purchase all materials required from a single knowledgeable source? This ensures that they have everything required to build the fence, minimizing running back and forth and down time to complete the project in a timely manner.


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